Harbaugh Custom Homes

We revamped the website and social presence for Harbaugh Custom Homes to fulfill the owner’s goal of better connecting with prospective clients and creating a more immersive, engaging online experience. To take this further, our production team created a 4-part series that takes viewers on the entire Harbaugh Custom Homes journey, from the initial meetings to the final build.
Harbaugh Custom Homes Website Screenshot

New Website

We created a website that allows visitors to view and understand all of the steps Harbaugh Custom Homes takes to create beautiful dream homes. We updated the overall design to be modern and refreshing, and focused heavily on functionality and user-experience to strengthen their engagement.

Marketing Campaigns

All That’s Digital developed a campaign and partnered with All That’s Good Productions to produce a 4-part series that takes viewers through the journey to building a beach home with Harbaugh Custom Homes. This series brought an overwhelming response from prospective clients, generated 200,000+ cumulative video views across social channels, and won 3 Telly Awards.
The Telly Awards
Telly Awards
Telly Awards
Telly Awards

43rd Annual
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